2005-02-16 ~ 10:25 p.m.
i'm portable

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Um, hello, yes, I am attempting to simply re-enter the Diaryland world as if I haven't been completely absent for the past 11 months.

Problems: I have no images, a lot of my links lead to pages that don't exist, all of my "fans" have taken me off of their list, I've forgotten a LOT of basic HTML, and I have an amazing amount of information to catch up.

But I love the person that I am when I write in here. And the D-land community rocks, come on!

Okay so, first order of business:

I'm a college woman. No, for real. I got accepted to The College of New Jersey on January 20th, 2005, and that's where I plan to start school in August. Over the summer, I visited a buttload of schools, and there was a good amount of time where I thought Barnard College in Manhattan was the place for me. But a number of reasons drew me away from Barnard and towards TCNJ. I'm really happy with my choice.

I've taken up actual journaling. As in, in this little book that I have. With a pen (always pen). It's the best thing ever.

None of the cast has changed. I'm glad I didn't make any alterations last year, because the people who I was going to add, whom I thought would be lifelong friends, have since proven themselves to be passing leaves in the wind. All of the people I included in my original Cast List are people that mean the world to me and I would never replace.

I got hired to play piano at my church professionally (remember the church I used to play flute at every Sunday? Yeah). I now get $50 per mass. It's amazing.

I have clearly become significantly less funny and neurotic. It's especially because I'm a senior now, and I don't think anything is worth freaking out over.

...I also have clearly become significantly more analytical and psychologist-like. I really have to stop that. I don't think people like to get psychoanalyzed by me, hehe.

I had a really bad relationship experience that I am sure I will delve into in the future.

You may catch the archive of my ENTIRE junior year here: Melissalaneous.

Tomorrow at 5:00 my plane leaves for Austin, Texas, where I'm playing the piano for my cousin's wedding. I'm not-so-confident in the 3 string players that I'm accompanying (my uncle, cousin, and sister), and I have a problem with the way that my uncle forced my 12-year-old sister to play the very difficult first violin part, but I've been trying hard to think of this as a "gig" of sorts. I'm just the wedding pianist hired to accompany the members of the family of the bride who simply HAVE to squeeze their share of talent into the ceremony. Works for Mr. Rabic--works for me.

If anyone's somehow kept me on their list and is reading this, it would be great if someone could help me maybe get back into the groove of D-land things...point me in the correct direction of Katress, who made this amazing (but picture-less) layout... I'm going to try to beg for my images back even though I haven't updated in almost a year, and I doubt she has the images anymore. Also, if someone could explain this orange stripe to my left that says, "Domain hosting (new!)" that would be great.

It feels really comfortable to be writing in this little box again. It's good to be back. Even if I don't follow through (kind of the way I didn't last time), I'm glad I made the time to catch this diary up. Sense of closure, you know.

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